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Vancouver-based musician, Cyrus Jordan, is a young songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who picked up an upright bass in his early years and has since expanded his love of music into a multi-faceted pursuit of creative expression. 

Blending his Southern American and Indo-Caribbean roots, Cyrus funnels the world around him into an abstract depiction of complex relationships and self-discovery. His music weaves heavy bass grooves with electronic stylings, creating ethereal vibrations reminiscent of a Sunday morning. 

Whether working on his own project, producing, or playing in bands, Cyrus takes inspiration from jazz, funk, soul, and electronic stylings which he honed during his time in Boston at the Berklee summer intensive and as a working musician, DJ and student at the Concordia University Jazz Performance program in Montreal.

Live At The Commodore

Check out our live set at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver!

My Latest Single: Stay Away

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